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2017 Pool Season

2017 Pool Season

The Board of Directors has received feedback about the pool openings and capacity over the holiday weekend, specifically the impact of city regulations limiting the number of individuals that can be in the pool area per lifeguard.  If we exceed those limits, the Association can be fined and pools can be shut down by the city.  First, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. The Board of Directors and the management team invested a great deal of time reviewing the previous year’s data of usage for each pool to create a staffing plan that reflected historic data to accommodate usage balanced against costs that must be reflected in condo fees. That data supported the staff plan we approved at a recent Board meeting.

Secondly, this weekend appears to have been an anomaly based on the weather and the built-up demand to use the pool on the only good day through the holiday, which is understandably frustrating. The previous two days had only a few individuals at the pools and so conversely we ended up being overstaffed with lifeguards.

The volunteers of the Finance Committee worked tirelessly these past two years to develop a draft budget along with the Board and management, including this usage and staffing review. The prioritization resulted in a 0% increase in HOA fees that we felt benefitted all owners. As a volunteer organization, we work and strive to balance the overall living experience against the impact to each owner’s pocket book. I would encourage everyone who has ideas to volunteer on a committee to help improve all aspects of our living experiences. We have regular Board meetings and your ward representative can always be contacted with feedback. We will continue to revisit the staffing plan based on feedback but also the historic data and projections to see if any changes going forward seem advisable.

We ask for your continued feedback as we continue to create a world-class living experience as well as being good stewards of financial resources. Relatedly, while the situation was understandably frustrating, the lifeguards on duty were merely enforcing the city regulations as they must and it’s not a good reflection of our community when certain residents take out their frustration on the hard-working staff as we understand occurred.  We ask that you raise those frustrations directly with the Board and management, as several residents have done. We are always reassessing the allocation of resources.

Phil Saims

President, Board of Directors