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Committee Chair: Lisa Baranello –


The Parkfairfax 75th Anniversary Committee is an ad hoc committee of the Parkfairfax Board of Directors tasked with planning the community-wide celebrations to mark Parkfairfax’s 75th Anniversary. This milestone will be marked through a series of special events over the course of 18 months, capped off with a gala of some kind to raise money for Parkfairfax special projects (trees or landscaping). A 1940′s vintage theme will be worked into many of the events – like having swing or jazz at the summer concert series; planting victory gardens; exhibiting historic photos at the Association office; a “screen on the green” movie series with 1940′s movies played outdoors, and maybe a classic car display with 1940′s cars and a community picnic.

There are also opportunities for merchandising and raising some extra funds to cover the costs of the events from nearby businesses.
All members of the Parkfairfax community are invited monthly to attend the meetings and to be a part of the planning process.


To pull off several community-wide events, there needs to be concerted efforts on several fronts: fundraising/marketing, event planning/logistics, historic/archival. The 75th Anniversary Committee will operate on a subcommittee basis to plan the finite details of all the anniversary events.

Fundraising and Marketing – this subcommittee will find sponsor opportunities for events; create supporting documents and logos; work with the Communications Committee to publicize all events and to get media placements; create the commemorative calendar; create other merchandising opportunities for the anniversary events.
Two professional fundraisers, one marketing professional and one graphic designer currently serve on this subcommittee.

Event planning and logistics – this subcommittee plans all the moving parts for each event – including permits, logistics, signage, vendors, budgeting and all miscellaneous event-related tasks.

Two professional event planners and three experienced event volunteers sit on this subcommittee.

Historic/Archival – this subcommittee is the heart and soul of the celebratory year. Storytelling, photos, maps, old new stories and other fun facts about Parkfairfax will be gathered here. This subcommittee has had the most interest and will serve as the clearing house for organizing the exhibit we hope to house at the management offices during the celebratory period. Long-time residents, amateur historians, photographers and many others will take part in these efforts.

The committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Association Office.

Planting Plan A 10.21.16

Planting Plan B 10.21.16

Landscape Committee Agenda 9-28-17

Landscape Committee Agenda 6-22-17

Landscape Committee Agenda 4-27-17

Landscape Committee Agenda 3-23-17

Landscape Committee Agenda 2-23-17

Landscape Committee Agenda 11-17-16

Landscape Committee Agenda 9-22-16

Landscape Committee Agenda 08-25-16

Board Approves Budget for Implementing Master Plan in the 100s Buildings Area

Over the past year, the Parkfairfax Board of Directors has been working with JP Lange Consulting to develop a comprehensive, sustainable Landscape Master Plan for Parkfairfax. The Plan addresses longstanding problems in the Community’s landscape.

How is the Master Plan going to be implemented?

The Plan is being implemented in a stepwise fashion. Redesign of the Community entries at the Preston Road-Quaker Lane intersection and at the Gunston Road-Martha Custis Drive intersection are complete.

What is happening now?

The next phase will be implementing the Plan in the area of the 100s buildings.

This is a small area that will serve as a pilot project for how we implement the Plan. What we learn from this area, will inform the design for the next area, which surrounds the 700s buildings.

How can I learn more? How can I participate in discussions about the Plan?