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Exterior Vents Cleaning and Maintenance Reminder

Recently the office has been receiving many calls regarding the possible nesting of birds in dryer, bath or kitchen exhaust exterior vent openings.  We generally see this every spring as our feathered friends begin their annual mating season and nothing attracts a mate more than a nice nest in one of our vents.

Parkfairfax’s responsibility only extends to the dryer vents located in the laundry rooms. All other vents are unit owner’s responsibility for cleaning, securing and general maintenance.

This follows Article V, section 5 (b) (1), by the unit owner:  Each unit owner shall keep the Unit and its equipment, appliances and appurtenances in good order, condition and repair and in a clean and sanitary condition. 

We ask that each unit owner inspects, cleans and services any clogged or open vents for their respective units.  This includes making sure that either a grated vent or netting is installed to deny access to birds and/or squirrels. The exterior vents caps should be painted per our covenants specifications. The paint is stocked in the office and is provided at no charge to owners.

Remember a clear vents allows your dryer to work as efficiently as possible.

There are several reputable companies in the area and we list 2 of them below that have both performed this work at Parkfairfax previously.

Norman’s Duct Cleaning: 571-332-5321. Ask for Norman.

Sixpenny Chimney Sweeps, LLC: 703-491-8697