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Message from the General Manager Regarding Friday’s Fire

As many of you know, units in building 808 on Valley Drive were affected by a fire today.

All occupants and pets have been accounted for. Unfortunately, the residents of 3328 Valley suffered smoke inhalation and were transported to local hospitals. We want to give a huge thank you to Edwin, the owner of E&G Water and Sewer Services, who was working on drain repairs in front of 3330/3332 Valley. Without thinking about his own safety, Edwin rushed up the stairs and helped the mother and son evacuate the building. He actually carried the woman out. He then took it upon himself to turn the gas supply off to the building. I personally witnessed this as I arrived at the building. He suffered smoke inhalation and was treated and released.

I am happy to report that I met with him early Friday evening back at the location where he was well-received by both the firefighters, chiefs and residents. A true hero!

I would also like to commend our staff who also were involved. It was all hands on deck with staff banging on doors and checking the other units as the Fire Departments first arrived. And, of course, the fire crews who were quick on the scene and had the situation under control very fast.  And to our residents who came out in force to offer comfort, water and general support to all.

As for the building, the fire is believed to have started in the kitchen/dining area. There was a lot of combustible material to feed it. The upper unit where the fire originated has sustained major damage, as did a portion of the ceiling into the attic. The fire department breached the roof for ventilation

The two units directly below were assessed late Friday afternoon. Both suffered water and some smoke damage. Neither had any structural damage.

Cleanup began immediately after the city fire and building inspectors released the building back to us. Of the additional seven units, two others had a slight amount of water. In total, four units have been rendered uninhabitable by the city.

The restoration contractor provided licensed electricians and plumbers to reconnect both the electric and gas services to the other seven units allowing those residents to re-enter.

We have already been in contact with the Association’s insurance carrier whose broker also was on scene Friday. We are meeting with the adjuster and structural engineers first thing Monday to begin the restoration scope of work.

The roof was sealed and all broken windows were blocked off. In the meantime, cleanup will continue Saturday and a generator and dumpsters have been provided onsite.

This being an active construction zone, for safety reasons we ask that residents please proceed with caution if you are in the immediate area.

Again we want to thank all those involved and we will continue to provide updates as information becomes available.