Parkfairfax Unit Owners Association

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Spring Cleaning Reminders

Now that both spring and the warmer weather are here, outdoor space use increases we ask that residents please tend to their individual areas near their units, particularly patios, front stoops, porches and breezeways.  The Association has both resolutions and covenant guidelines that allow or prohibit certain items. Below are several of the more common issues that residents need to be mindful of and for the complete list please access the website or email our service request link at:

Please provide your email and we will attach the guidelines in our response.

Beginning Wednesday April, the 18th, staff will be inspecting and noting any areas/items that fail to heed to the guidelines.  We will leave a copy of our inspection form with any noted issues and per our guidelines you will have 7 days to correct any deficiencies. 

Front Stoop/Breezeway/Porch

-        Empty pots

-        Dog waste bags

-        Shovel/broom

-        Gardening supplies

-        Bicycles

-        Building materials

-        Propane tank (unless attached to grill)

-        Grill (Unless stored on stoop, breezeway or placed against building)

-        Bird houses/feeders


-        Anything placed along the side of the building other than approved plants.

Back Patio

-        Building materials

-        Bicycles

-        Storage sheds

-        Fire pits

-        Dog waste bags

-        Hammocks that are not free standing

-        Lights that are attached to trees or building