Parkfairfax Unit Owners Association

Parkfairfax Floral Landscape


Recently several residents have reported tree issues such as dead/dying or hazardous limbs. We follow a set of protocols when dealing with these requests:

1: It is low enough so that our in-house staff can handle it? Our risk manager recommends that we keep “boots on the ground” for liability issues. Thus very rarely will staff use a ladder for tree issues.

2: If we are not able to reach it then we pass it on to CLS, who will then do an assessment on the entire tree. There are times when it’s more than just the limb reported.

3: Per code any tree that is considered “hazardous” by the licensed arborist must be taken down. We have several methods of determining this, one being a “bore test” which records the internal composition of the tree.

4: We annually survey sections. Currently the 600, 800 and 900 sections are being done and we have already given the approval for some work on these sections.

5: We budget very heavily for tree maintenance – the current budget is $128,000. We are 132 acres and obviously we prioritize based on conditions such as proximity to buildings, sidewalks and parking areas. The trees along the wood lines, unless in a precarious state, are last.

It also should be noted that many trees along the main city-owned roadways where they are 12 feet or less from the curb edge are “city trees” and we do not touch those – however we report any issues directly to public works.

As always if you see anything that concerns you please contact the office.