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Water Update June 2017

With the new sewer rates set to take effect July 1, we would like to pass on some information and answer several questions and concerns:

All buildings have a spigot at each end. These are common elements and do not belong to individual unit owners. Thus, at a great deal of locations residents of the middle units will need to have additional length hoses to reach their respective areas. The Association has identified this issue and has recently begun the steps to install spigots in the middle of buildings. This is being done when the new PEX supply lines are installed in the crawlspaces. These lines will be separated from the building cold water main and use a “deduct” meter through Alexandria ReNew which will lower our sewer use charges annually. We are doing the same to the areas that currently have irrigation systems installed as well. Unfortunately, due to certain building types, this cannot be accomplished everywhere. However, maintenance staff when requested will install a “hose manifold” which will allow for multiple hose hook ups. We also ask that you consider using a timer where you can and limit watering to early morning or early evening hours.

Sub Metering of units: This idea has been brought up several times throughout the years. At present, we are putting together an RFP for an engineering firm to do a cost analysis study to see if this is even feasible. Our water risers are connected to multiple units in each building and sub metering would require completely new individual lines run to each unit separately. This in itself is a daunting and costly task. Secondly, we currently feed hot water through a re-circulator loop to several buildings at once and here too individual units would require their own hot water source, which again may not be feasible.

Lastly, we our working with Aquees Water Efficiency Solutions to bring new high-tech toilet options to Parkfairfax. We will be testing a Toto low flow 1.28 gallon unit next month and will be rolling out a full program by September. Aquees will provide the product and install services at a reduced cost as Parkfairfax will cover some of the expense. These details are still being worked out and will be announced in August.

As always please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Have a happy and safe July 4!